How Can H. Pylori Lead to Stomach Cancer?

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Hilco back to pylori or H. pylori as we like to collate is a bacteria that's very common in fact it infects more than two-thirds of the world's population. The good news is that and most people who are infected with H. Pylori don't have any symptoms. What this bacteria does has a curved shape and it bars through the mucus lining of the stomach and sets up home inside that mucus lining of the stomach and cause this chronic information over time that dissect in a mucus lining allows a stomach acid and other enzymes to cause damage to the inner lining of the stomach and not cause this chronic inflammation and the chronic inflammation can ultimately lead to cancer.

The good news is that only a very very small percentage of people who have H. Pylori infection would ever develop stomach cancer. And people who have stomach ulcers, we always check to see if there H. Pylori positive and if they're we treat them and eradicate the bacteria to prevent the ulcers from coming back.

There's a blood test for H. pylori, there's a stool test, but the best way to find out, if you have it, is an opened radioscopy where a biopsy is taken of the stomach tissue and we check for that and in cases where people have stomach ulcers or stomach cancer we pretty much always check that way to see if you have H.Pylori.