How Can Eating Resistant Starch Protect Me From Disease?

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There're studies that show a link between eating a diet high in resistant starches and a decreased risk of diseases, like cancer and diabetes. There's a recent study that shows that a diet high in resistant starches decreases the growth of breast cancer, particularly estrogen receptor positive breast cancer, and the connection between colon cancer, is that resistant starches help to increase the growth of good bacteria, they help to bulk the stool so that the colon can be swept free of toxins.

They also help to produce a substance called short chain fatty acids, which are an energy source for the cells lining the colon and they are also associated with a healthy colon. Resistant starches are also helpful for preventing diabetes because unlike structure carbohydrates, they don`t cause a lot of glucose release from a lot of insulin release.

So your pancreas isn't busy secreting tons of insulin in response to the food you're eating and you're less likely to develop diabetes that way.