Can Parasitic Infections Be Prevented?

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Although parasitic infections are common they can be prevented and strict hand washing with soap and water is probably your best defense. There're a number of other things you can do to decrease your chances of having a parasites or if you think you have one to potentially treat it, So the stomach acid is one of the body's natural barriers and natural defenses against parasites and other bacteria.

Some of the other things you can do to help prevent parasitic infection or if you think you have parasites to treat it, would be to maintain your stomach's acid. Stomach acid is very very important part of the body's defense against invading bacteria, viruses and parasites. So, if your taking drugs that block stomach acid those drugs can put you at risk for developing a parasitic infection or if you have one for allowing growth to the parasite.

Now, lot's of people take those drugs for some very important reasons they may have severe acid reflux disease, but it's esophagus and so on and those drugs may very well be indicated but if you're not sure that you need one of those drugs if you've been taking them for years and years it is a good idea to check and see if maybe you could eliminate them particularly if you are concerned about having or developing a parasite.

Another natural way to fight parasite is with garlic. So we find that two kilos of raw garlic a day very, very effective. Garlic is a natural anti micro bio it kills germs and also has anti parasitic properties. If you're not into eating raw garlic then taking it as a supplement 1000 mg a day is also very healthful.

Another natural remedy is warm with tea, this can either be brewed as tea that you drink or can be taken in an extra form that you add to water. Another natural remedy we have for treating parasites are papaya seeds and honey. So we know that honey has natural antibacterial property but papaya seeds contain an enzyme called papain its an ingredient [xx] meat tenderizer and it breaks down the membranes of parasites.

If you take a quarter cup of papaya seeds and table spoonful of honey mix slice it to a piece then eat it daily for ten days to two weeks very effective some studies have found that it cures parasites and up to 75% of people infected.