Walk Your Way to a Bigger Brain

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Hi, this is Dr. Miller with a tip for keeping your brain in good working order as you age. Our brains naturally shrink as we get older, but a new study shows you can reverse the trend by walking in a moderate intensity just three times a week for 40 minutes. You may wonder how something as simple as walking helps us to hang on to more of our brain matter, walking seems to help preserve the hippocampus, that's the memory making part of the brain, normally the hippocampus shrinks to about 1 -2% per year, but the moderate intensity walkers in a year long study experienced about 2% increase in volume. That's like rewinding the brain ageing clock by one to two for years the researchers think that aerobic exercise helps boost brain matter by increasing blood flow to the brain.

Studies have also shown that walking can increase the brains ability to learn, retain and use new information, so go for a walk will get better and smarter. For more ways to live better check out all our health tips right here.