Sleep Quality, Quantity Tied to Diabetes Risk

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Hi, I'm Dr. Miley with an easy way to improve your blood sugar and prevent diabetes. Get a good nights sleep. It turns out that quality sleep not only feels good, but it may also be critical to controlling blood sugar. Two separate sleep studies confirm it, in the studies both the amount of sleep people got and the quality of their sleep had a significant impact on the risk of diabetes.

In particular, deep sleep called the slow wave sleep maybe essential to controlling blood sugar. When folks in the study, we're intentionally deprived of the deepest stages of slow wave sleep, they suffered a 25% drop in insulin sensitivity. That's the mark of the body's ability to convert blood sugar into energy.

Light sleeping also caused a 23% drop in glucose tolerance, another risk factor for diabetes. The lesson here is to turn off the bedroom TV, clear your head of worries and focus on getting six to eight hours of solid rest each night. For more ways to stay well, watch for all our smart health tips right here.