Reduce Stress, and Lose Weight, With This Tip

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Hi, I'm Dr. Miller with a quick and easy weight loss tip. No, this isn't about eating less or even exercising more. it's about learning to reduce stress which can pack on pounds as much as a daily pint of Ben and Jerry's. The healthier way to let go of it all is to just breathe deeply. It takes only about 30 seconds to do it right and a quick and easy stress reduction strategy like this it's critical to your waistline, especially given a recent study on job stress and weight gain.

In this study workers who are super stressed tended to have bigger bellies than their peers who are more at ease. It's not that stress in itself causes waistlines to expand. It's how people deal with it that makes them fat, and that's where the pint of Ben & Jerry's and vegging on the couch comes in. The good news, you can put stress to bed with just 30 seconds of deep breathing.

So when stress is getting to you take a moment to take a breathe and relax. Stay tuned and watch more great health smarts, I'm Dr. Robin Miller