Nourish Your Brain With Rice Bran Oil

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Hi I'm Dr. Miller and here's a tip to boost your brain, the next time you plan to make stir-fry do your brain a favor by getting this oil from the Asian food aisle, rice bran oil. Scientists have discovered that a particular type of vitamin E found in rice bran oil may have brain protective powers.

Rice bran oil is derived from the husk of the rice kernel. It's very popular in Southeast Asian cooking because it has a high smoke point. That means it's not likely to burn when whipping up a stir fry more importantly rice bran oil is naturally rich in Alpha Tocotrienols which are found in vitamin E. Scientists think this form of vitamin E could help protect the brain following a stroke.

In animal studies, Tocotrienols seem to save more brain cells in the event of a stroke, leaving the brain relatively intact. Scientists think vitamin E somehow turns on a gene that sweeps out the bad things created by strokes. Things like toxin triggering enzymes that kill neurons. Here is to cooking for good health, watch for all our smart nutrition tips right here.