Listen to Music for a Better Brain and Body

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Hi, I'm Dr. Miller with a tip to boost your overall health, simply trade some of your TV time for more one on one sessions with your iPod. Research shows that listening to music improves your health in several ways. It keeps you sharp, music of any kind fires neurons in the brain that boosts memory and mental powers. Slower tunes soothe heart health.

To dial down high blood pressure, spend 30 minutes a day breathing along to the beat of slow soothing numbers, think Norah Jones not Lady Gaga. Music relieves stress, listening to music lowered heart rates by as much as five beats per minute in critically ill hospital patients, enough of a drop to ease anxiety and help them heal.

A good beat keeps you moving, pick motivating music for your workout and you're likely to exercise harder and longer and lose more body fat. For more ways to stay healthy and live better, watch all our smart tips right here.