Hungry? Focus on Calories to Control Your Appetite

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Hi, I'm Dr. Miller with a quick tips to help you lose weight. To feel more satisfied with your food, use this mind trick, focus on the calories. New research shows that people's perception of calorie content affects their appetite control hormone. In a study researchers told volunteers the same 350 calorie milkshake, they told half the people that it was an indulgent 650 calorie treat, the other half that was a sensible 140 calories snack, what the volunteers thought had a huge impact on how many hunger hormone their body produced.

For those who thought they were drinking a creamy high calorie shake, their bodies production of hunger inducing gralon totally nosedived, but in the other group not much. This led researchers to conclude that just the perception of calorie intake can alter a hunger producing body chemistry. Most of us underestimate our calorie intake, so getting an accurate picture of how many calories you are eating is a good place to start to keep hunger hormones at bay.

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