Heading to the Hospital? Avoid Germs and Infection

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Hi I'm Doctor Miller. If you or someone you love will be checking into a hospital any time soon here's how to cut your chances of catching an infection that's far more dangerous than what ever sent you to the hospital. Declare germ warfare, wash your hands, every chance you get, scrub for at least 15 seconds.

Remind others to clean up too. Keep a bottle of alcohol based hand sanitizer by your bed side with a sticky note saying, please help yourself, ditch the jewelry. Even if you fell naked without your wedding ring, leave it at home, jewelry is a germ-trap don't touch the TV remote, it's one of the germiest objects in the hospital.

Clean it with disinfectant wipes, even then, try to wrap it in a glove when handling it. Discourage visitors, each one brings in a bucketful of bacteria, call them instead. Put these practices in place and you'll cut down your chances of a return visit to the hospital. Want to learn about more ways to stay well?

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