Foods High in Protein Make a Healthy Weight-Loss Snack

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Hi, I'm Dr. Miller and if you're trying to lose weight snack on this, protein Adding not one but two high protein snacks a day to any weight loss program sets you up for three rewards. More satisfaction and less hunger so sticking to your diet is easier. More weight loss, up to double with what you get with snacks that have the same calories but more carbs such as granola bars, and a healthier muscle to that ratio when you hit your weight goal.

Maintain muscle as you lose weight is always a high priority. Muscle cells burn more calories than fat does. So, building muscle helps keep the the weight off. Protein helps your body build muscle. Since you naturally lose muscle as you get older you want to eat food that will help you retain muscle as you slim down.

Try hard boiled eggs cup of plain fat free no sugar added Greek yogurt sprinkled with walnuts, or dip carrots into hummus or spread peanut butter on celery. For more ways to lose weight and feel your best, watch all our smart help tips right here.