Eat Plant-Based Foods to Keep Your Lungs Happy

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Hi, I'm Dr. Miller with a tip that can cut your risk of lung cancer in half. All you may have to do is eat more plant based food. Foods like beans, grains, fruit, vegetables, and soy. Researchers discovered that these foods are high in cancer fighting compounds called phytoestrogens. In a study folks with a highest intake of these nutrients had a 46% lower risk of lung cancer compared with people whose diets were low in phytoestrogen.

But there's a but in the study only phytoestrogen intake from foods, not supplements caused the big drop in lung cancer risk. Why would plants protect against lung cancer. Researchers thinks that phytoestrogen may react with estrogen receptors which are normally found in lung tumor in such a way that they literary interrupt the growth of tumor cell, this is great news for reducing the risk on one of the deadlier forms of cancer.

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