What Are the Health Benefits of Fennel Seed?

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I love fennel seeds. They've been used in Ayurvedic culture, East Indian culture for a hundreds of years. Fennel seeds have a lot of magnesium, [xx] and vitamin C, and it is not accident that when you chew fennel seeds or if you take fennel seeds as a tea, it will relax your intestinal system.

One of other things I do when I travel, is carry a little bit of fennel seed in a little baggy, and if I have an upset stomach with stomach cramps, I will chew on it and in 10 minutes I don't have any cramps. Or if I don't want to chew the fennel seeds, I will chew the fennel seeds, I will take the teabags, and I will just brew a regular cup of fennel seed tea, drink it and again in five minutes, 10 minutes, my intestinal systems feels a lot better.