Can Alternative Medicine Improve Digestion?

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Welcome back. We're introducing you to 10 revolutionary alternative health masters. He reveals her three favorites is that [xx] expert and alternative and interrogative therapist as she's vice chairman department of integrative medicine at Beth Israel Medical Center in New York city, welcome.

Hi doctor.Our seventh alternative health medicine is the digestion it's called [xx] and I actually had this done has pretty quote, [xx] Lindsey joining us she is a licensed massage therapist and she is demonstrating on Kim I understand Kim you've got bowel syndrome? Yes.Have you ever had this before? The massage no.

All right let's find out. So [UNKNOWN] talk a little bit about [xx] how does it help with digestion?Well it capitalizes on energizing the dantians/g which is the major power center of the body and while it's getting stimulated, the biggest nerve is being accessed. This is the largest nerve that delivers relaxation.

So all this relaxation signals are getting down in to the GI tract and the guard is moving more effectively so if you have cramping or constipation, it will be relived. How's it feel? It feels great, it feels really good. So I guess when I had it they went pretty deep on me. I'll tell you what else happens is you go number two quickly.Absolutely.There is a certain move when he go to [xx] write us your thought.

Eventually you want to open up towards the end of the colon first. Like cleaning out a walking closet, you have to pull stuff away from the door before you can clean up the stuff that's in the back of the closet. But before you go any further, I want to get my guest Kim because I need her before she wants to go to the bathroom, come on Kim.

Thank you very much Barbara, Dr. Mika, you're now [UNKNOWN] Our eighth alternative health back pack is for [xx] bloating, it's very simple, it's Fennel seeds, and actually we see this all time as we're leaving restaurants, Indian restaurants in particular why are they so effective? Well, there's a lot of magnesium in them and that's very relaxing to the gut and it also relaxes the smooth muscle of the intestine, so within 10 minutes if you chew it your gut if it's feeling cramping will go away.

I actually carry this in my purse when I travel around the world. You do? It's so light, feel it. [xx] just seem to like it. And there's a candy version of this too so when you go to the Indian restaurant you'll see the little ball and it'll look like there's little candy and it's actually candy.