Are There All Natural Supplements to Speed Metabolism and Weight Loss?

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There are lots of supplements that can help your metabolism. I'm not so sure about speeding up. I think some of the most common that I know of that you can access would be green tea. You can just drink green tea rather than take green tea extract, you probably need to take four or five cups.

What this would do is not only speed up your metabolism, but actually suppress your appetite. Which is also a very good thing when you're trying to loose weight, because typically you're also moving around and that will generate a lot of appetite and you want to diminish it so that you don't over-eating as you're exercising.

Another thing you want to do as you're figuring out how to lose weight, is really look at the content of the food. We know that if you eat a lot of refined carbs, that's white bread anything with sugar. What you are going to do is bring up your blood sugar and bring up the insulin and this will actually make the blood sugar drop and then it will stimulate your appetite.

So you'll kind of be going two steps backwards as you're going one step forward. There are also some other supplements that can help with your metabolism. Conjugated linoleic acid is one of them. It's a fatty acid, you can take it in small dozes, about half a gram a couple of times a day, that will also help, but you still need to exercise, and you still need to look at the food content.