What Makes Someone a Good Candidate for a Liver Transplant?

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Liver transplant is an excellent way to replace a disease or a failing liver, but it does not replace any of the other organs. And because this is such a strenuous surgery, the patient has to be in good physical condition with adequate heart, long, and other bodily functions to sustain the surgery.

They can't have other conditions that would impair long term survival after a transplant. Obviously we wouldn't want to put someone through a regorous operation only let them die of cancer some other problems shortly thereafter, particularly when this requires either a living donor to put themselves at risk, or a deceased donor that could saves someone else's life. And finally because the regiment after transplant is complex, or requires medications for life, laboratory tests, and follow up the patient has to be able to be compliant with that complex regimen.

So both personal insight and family support are critical.