Why Is Educating Patients an Important Part of Diabetes Management?

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Educating patients is important for all chronic conditions, however, diabetes is very unique in that, depending on what a person eats or what kind of exercise they do or do not do and how good asleep they get, their blood sugars varies, when you have other chronic conditions food does not affect you as much as it does with diabetes, so education about nutrition is very important, but in addition to that, time management skills, organizational skills, being proactive, and learning how to solve problems is also very important and certified diabetes educators and euro physicians can help you develop techniques so that you enhance your organizational skills and be proactive.

Let me give you an example of time management for example, you don't want to invent the week every week, lets put in place time slots for shopping, for exercise, for rest, for stress reduction and stick with it. For example if you get a personal trainer, and and you sign up for a certain number of sessions that forces you to show up, which enhances your grip on the week, if you add to that certain time slot to go shopping and for relaxation, then all of a sadden your week is all laid out for you and you don't need to reinvented every week.