What Is the Best Way to Gain Lean Muscle and Not Fat?

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To gain muscle one has to exercise. In fact, to gain a lot of muscle one has to exercise regularly, and most often it is recommended that they do what is called weight training or resistance training. 30 minutes to 45 minutes is enough, but what is more important is that the person who exercises to gain muscle, should consume protein within 30 minutes of exercise, and the reason for that is, the muscles are hungry to rebuild themselves, and the most efficient time to do that, is to feed the body protein within the first hour.

However, if that source of protein includes fat and perhaps carbohydrates, the whole body gets bigger, so if someone is interested in just gaining muscle, then they should limit their intake to 30 grams of protein, like a protein shake, which also would be the same as four to 6 ounces of a lean source of protein such as chicken.

When it comes to building muscle, we would recommend safe regular resistance training, that means 30 - 45 minutes of weight training, or working with the machines perhaps with a personal trainer at least three times a week.