What Are the Best Foods for Lowering Blood Sugar?

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There're really no foods that lower the blood sugar however, there're foods that prevent sharp rises in blood sugar or persistent high blood sugar levels. And obviously in diabetes we want to avoid candy and soda and other glucose containing or fructose containing processed products. The best way to stop a sharp rise in blood sugar, is to consume carbohydrate with either a fat or protein.

Meaning, never have just a food item that is very rich in sugar alone always have it with either a source of protein or a source of fat healthy oils or just in general with a small meal. It is also important to avoid fast absorbing sugars and to eat more of what we call complex carbohydrates, complex carbohydrates such as in vegetables they take a while to break down in the GI Tract and they absorb slowly therefore they don't rise the blood sugar very rapidly. Rising the blood sugar rapidly often causes a hypoglycemic episode later because the insulin levels have risen too fast and the blood sugar drops.