Is All Sugar the Same Once I Consume It?

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The question that is often asked is, are all sugars the same in food? And the reality is, sugar is the same in all foods, however in our bodies, sugar is metabolized or digested differently depending on it's nature. In other words, sugar from candy or table sugar is absorbed very quickly and digested very quickly, often going into liver cells for future use.

Sugar from complex carbohydrates however, is different in that complex carbohydrates have to be broken down and then digested by the body, therefore they raise the blood sugar more slowly and they linger longer in the body. Finally, it depends depends on when the food rich in sugar is consumed, when food that is rich in sugar is consumed in the morning, it will basically be used as energy, however if it is used in the evening, often it is deposited in liver and other cells for future use.

Therefore, metabolism of sugar and different types of carbohydrates depends a lot on the nature of the food and the time of consumption.