Is All Body Fat the Same?

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The question is, is all body fat the same, in the body? And now we know that the fat inside the belly which we call visceral fat, or intra-abdominal fat, is different than the fat under the skin. The fat inside the belly is part of endocrine system. It's smaller, it's connected to a lot of blood vessels.

On the other hand the fat under the skin is basically just energy depot, and it doesn't really interact with the body's metabolism. The fat inside the belly is actually very harmful to the body because it causes inflammation, it causes build fat build up in the arteries, and it causes insulin resistance and ultimately diabetes.

In addition to the distinction between subcutaneous fat, the fat under the skin and intra-abdominal fat. There's also fat in the muscles. In other words, the muscle cells actually have fat droplets in them, and that makes their metabolism very sluggish, and those muscles become marbled and very insulin resistant.

So with exercise, after one week, you're able to clear those fat deposits inside the muscle cells and the muscles become active again.