How Important Is a Proactive Attitude for My Diabetes Management?

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Diabetes is a chronic condition that requires long term commitment. People with diabetes have to be engaged in their health, and they have to remain proactive forever. So learn about diabetes, and learn about how you can be ahead of it. Such as good nutrition, exercise, the latest developments, the best medications.

Talk to your doctor and be proactive about what to do. Don't chase the complications of diabetes, be ahead and avoid them. By being proactive, for example knowing what you're going to have as a snack or a meal, knowing when your going to exercise, and how you're going to do it and with whom, it not only gives you more effective results, but it gives you a sense of control and well being, that diabetes did not totally ruin your life that you can learn to live with it, and get the best results.

Being proactive, is often very empowering.