Can My Blood Sugar Levels Cause Anxiety or Depression?

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Low blood sugars trigger a chain of reactions in the body that is similar to fear and anxiety. Release of catecholamines, and release of stress hormones, often follows low blood sugar. In addition, people who have had symptomatic low blood sugar, in other words they either have passed out or they have felt like they're going to pass out, they are often worried about it happening again.

So as the blood sugar drops, they get anxious about the next thing that's going to happen, and that creates a certain form of chronic anxiety for people with diabetes that is out of control. In addition to anxiety, diabetes is often associated with depression. We don't quite understand the underlying mechanism of depression.

However, we know that high blood sugars can cause people to not feel right, they feel drowsy, they feel sluggish, and that is often one of the findings of depression which, people with diabetes often complain about. Diabetes can cause depression also, because it is a chronic condition that needs to be monitored and dealt with under regular basis, and this can cause a certain burn up syndrome, which often leads to depression.