Are Whole Body Exercises Useful for People With Diabetes?

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Whole body exercises are often contrasted to muscle isolation exercises, in other words, instead of building, let's say the arms, or the legs, whole body exercises help you build muscle all over the body, and those usually refer to exercises that do not require any equipment, or machines.

Such as calisthenics, yoga, pilates, or other types of exercise such as kick boxing, those exercises work the whole body, and increase muscle, and strength in the body overall, not just parts of the body. Those are better for diabetes. In addition, certain types of whole body exercises such as yoga, Tai chi, provide a regiment that not only works the body in particular the core muscles, but helps us relax by stretching the muscles, focusing on breath work and meditation.

These are all benefits that are additional to simply working out the core muscles. And I would recommend yoga and Tai chi especially for elderly people without diabetes who may also benefit from enhancing their sense of balance as their part of their training.