Why Should I See My Doctor If I'm Experiencing New or Unusual Symptoms?

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It seemed so logical that people would go to the doctor when they're experiencing new, unusual a typical symptoms for them. But what's interesting is how many people actually put off healthcare when they need it and women are particularly vulnerable to this because many times they write their medical symptoms or physical symptoms off to stress or just having too much to do, not to mention that the idea of simply going to see their health care provider is one more stresser.

But the fact of the matter is, is that many many times, if somebody is tested early upon getting symptoms, the stakes can sometimes also be quite simple or at a minimum the outcome can be a lot safer. So in the most dire cases, for example, if a person detects cancer early, there is tremendously more options for treatment.

But because so many people are often erring on the side of thing, this is stress, this is all going to away, they may suffer needlessly or wait too long. And men you're not off the hook, because men often try to back-up and be stronger than they need to be and say I don't need to see the doctor.

Once again that delay in seeking healthcare when you're experiencing new or unusual symptoms can be costly, more than just financially but can just take a real wear and tear on your body and on your mental health as well. So often the shoemaker's children don't have shoes and the doctor doesn't get healthcare, and I'share a really important example here because for the last year my own health has been deteriorating pretty significantly and I was having some really visible symptoms every single day, I was writing them off to stress, to stress, to stress, or maybe if I sleep more or maybe if I eat better.

Well it all culminated in me going finally, going to see a healthcare provider, finally getting my labs drawn and finding out that I was horribly anemic and was really risking my health at that point. In fact my physician was very concerned that I would have fainted or even fainted behind the wheel of a car, it was a relatively quick fix, I am now taking iron supplements.

I have made switches in my diet, and my health has returned in every possible way. All the symptoms I was experiencing are starting to resolve and I really felt angry at myself because had I gone and seen him almost a year before when the symptoms first began, I could have not suffered the way I did for a whole year.

It really has changed the way I practice psychology with my own patients now and realize how important it is to keep encouraging them to go get that essential healthcare which so many of them also delay.