Why Do People Crave Salt?

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Salt craving is an interesting phenomenal, because right of get the the one thing we need to think about are physiological and biological reasons. We do not that a hormone dysfunction, particularly adrenal dysfunction, and illnesses such as Allison's disease can be associated with salt craving.

That's why it's really critical, if somebody's having this regulated salt craving that they see their physician and make sure they get their labs drawn to make sure it's not something like that. Secondly, it may be a manifestation that you are lacking other essential nutrients in your diet.

This can be mineral deficiencies like magnesium, zinc or calcium could also be other salts like Potassium, could also be evidence of dehydration. Now, in terms of minerals or potassium deficiencies, it's key that you bring those nutrients in ideally through your diet, perhaps through supplements.

But to ensure that there's that balance, because our body needs a balance of all of these different kinds of salts and minerals. And in terms of potassium, again it really fits beautifully in a lot of really wonderful fruits like bananas and citrus foods, and to make sure that your is balanced that way.

Another reason a person also may crave salt, is habit. So, while we have the physiological reason such as potential hormonal dysfunction or mineral deficiencies, or other nutritional deficiencies. Another thing that can lead to any craving is that it just becomes a habit. You come home and you eat a bag of pretzels it's what you have at lunch time, you have the fast food choices that you make.

And so the craving is really evidence of a habit, and you think you can't be without it. In fact, you think get anxious with the idea of not eating your usual amount of salt. And so, the idea that's it's a craving is actually something that's far more under your control. Once you rule out the physiological causes, you can really focus on what might be some of the psychological reasons for the salt craving.

And finally hydration, many times people will crave salt simply because they are dehydrated and especially in summer or warmer months, or if you exercise a lot to get the amount of fluid you need non caffeinated beverages ideally non sugar sweetened beverages, water, non caffeinated teas, and to really avoid things like the sports drinks and the things that contain excess sodium and excess sugar.