What Are the Symptoms of Food Addiction?

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Some of the symptoms or warning signs of a food addiction that we see are, number one, the person finds himself thinking about food all the time, and if they're not thinking about it, they're eating it, maybe they're preparing it, they're making plans to go eat it or shop for it.

So it's sort of a time sack and it takes a lot of time. Secondly, we see that it's getting in the way of their lives, it's distracting them from their relationships and may even be distracting them from their jobs. So they are not functioning in the world as well as they usually could.

Third, it's being used as a way to manage emotions, now it could be used a way to manage good emotions to manage bad emotions to celebrate, to cope with stress, but it'd becomes to go to place to manage any variety of emotional issues. Instead of actually to try and cope with them in a more healthy way.

The fourth is that the person finds himself craving food and wanting to eat more than they usually do often and this is so they can get a bigger high, it's almost like with drugs, like people who used drugs will say I used to be able to use this much and now I have to use this much? Food addicts will always say, I used to eat maybe one doughnut and now I'm eating more and more, and someways it's the brain saying give me more and more.

Next, the food addict often says that I try to stop this over and over again, have numerous experiences of trying to create but they are not able to be successful, they say I try but then I kind of start eating again I try and I keep thinking about it, and finally we sometime see that people go an experience of withdraw that when they can't have the food's they really crave, and that's often thing's like, sugar's fatty food, those kind's of food's that really light up the reward center's of our brain, they find that they get really grumpy.

and that they can concentrate, they having headaches and so because the symptoms are so achy they end up puffing eating again. So they can manage the symptoms and so withdrawal can be what often sucks them back into it but all of those things can be warning signs, and just having a couple of them, may indicate that you in fact may be a food addict.