How Can the Media Affect My Body Image?

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If I were to isolate one of the things out there that's probably most harmful to the body image of girls and women, it is the media. The media puts out unrealistic images of women, in unrealistically low weights and that drives everyone's sense of normal. More often than not girls, young women, women of all ages, compare themselves to the images put out there by the media, and always feel like that they're coming up short, which can really, lead lots of struggles with body image.

I think that a lot of people have to understand that that's not really a real world, that number one, sometimes people get to those weights in ways that are not healthy, and in fact they may even hurt body image more because it's like hurting your body; and number two, that you can love yourself no matter and what, you can look at those beautiful images yes, but you understand that in order to really love yourself it's not about an image that someone else is giving you, it's about connecting with you.

But the power that the media has over how women punish their bodies in particular, but I think men do this as well, is it's incredibly powerful. And I think parents in particular often have to help their children navigate all of those images to teach them how to look at those images and see them as sort of the photos that they are but not really that this is something that everyone should be aspiring to, so that their daughters, so that their sons, so that their friends don't get lost in sort of what I call media shuffle of harming our bodies to be something that really is an unrealistic standard.