How Can I Take Control of My Food Addiction?

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There are a couple of ways you can start taking control of your food addiction. And I think one of the key elements to any process or program to take your food addiction back is to do it in small steps. Number one, is that what you wanna do is you wanna come up with some kind of acronym to think about how you connect emotions and food.

We've talked about things like halt, which means stop. Think if you're hungry, angry, lonely you're tired. We've also even talked about flab, are you frustrated, lonely, anxious, bored? All of these kinds of negative emotions can often lead you to eat. And what you wanna do do is try to find some kind of distraction.

One thing that we often suggest is using a timer and setting it for about 10 minutes, and so you can push yourself through, and realize 10 minutes is a manageable amount of time. Or you can make a list of things you like doing. It could be going on your social media, reading a book, playing with your dog, working in the garden, and do that for 10 minutes or some set amount of time to move your away from associating the emotions with the food.

Secondly, I really, really advise people to do a kitchen purge. And by that I mean get the junk out of the house. Get it out of the cabinets, get it out of your desk at work, get it out of the car, get it out of your purse because when it's there you know you can't just eat one. And so that there's not one there to eat, it's a great way to create that stock up at home especially at those vulnerable times.

A third thing I suggest to people is a very simple one. It's the who, what, where, when and why of food. Think about your ability in those areas because many food addicts will say, there're certain people that they tend to eat more with, there certain times of day, there're certain places, etc.

If you can understand your who, what, where, when and why, you can come up with some really tailored strategies for yourself. Finally, I want you to think out of the box, and by that I mean don't bring the boxes into the house. If food comes in a box or a bag that's in the store, don't buy it.

Cuz that's often how the foods that causes the most trouble are packaged. They tend to have more of the chemicals and ingredients that make us wanna eat more and more, so go on a box fast for about two weeks. Try not to buy those things, try not to eat those things, and see where it gets you.

This could be a really easy first step, that I feel very confident, that a lot of people can take on, and you might even notice that it will help your grocery budget drop.