How Can I Keep My Kitchen Free from Food Temptations?

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Keeping your kitchen free from food temptations can sound so easy, right? Just get rid of all the junk, but that's far easier said than done and if you live with other people they may not be down with that. So let's talk about a realistic approach to removing the temptations. A great place to start is to keep them out of sight.

Get them off the counters, and get them right away from where you can see them at an easy look. Put them up high so in order to get them you kind of have to do a balancing act to just get them out. That's enough to stop you. Another idea is sort of lock them up, sometimes using a child look on a cabinet so that they're harder to get out especially just with on hand.

Sometimes people even put things in unusual like deep in the freezer. I knew of one woman who put a potato chips in the freezer but then she found out that she liked frozen potato chips so that ended up not working out but putting thing and strange species you can even have for example storage area and closet or a garage so instead of having them right there in the kitchen where you can easily grab them and at least there in the house for people who want them or when you are going to be using them in your cooking or your meal but you can't easily grab them.

Removing temptation is about getting them out of sight so ideally you can get them out of mind.