How Can Diet Affect Depression?

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The way we eat affects the way we feel. And I think when we're talking about something more pronounced such as depression, food choices have an impact there. Let's start first with people who are thinking about losing weight and sadly may choose to go on a very, very low calorie regimen to get there.

When we starve ourselves it can really bring down our levels of energy and even our levels of motivation, all of which can start to feel like depression, the person just doesn't even have the energy to get through the day and this can also be feeding their sense of low body image or low self esteem that could be driving this train.

So making dietary choices can impact our sense of depression, if we are not getting enough food to start with, in addition, when we take good care of ourselves, when we make healthy choices we choose fresh fruits and vegetables and well prepared foods, and we are not grabbing and going and running, that in someway is respect to yourself and it's hard to respect yourself when you are feeling depressed and when you don't respect yourself you may end up feeling more depressed, so it all becomes very much a cycle in a relationship, so in many ways you are what you eat and if you don't treat yourself with food you can really start feeling bad emotionally, and when you don't eat enough, and it is not just about weight loss and you can't say, ah, this is okay I'm going to end up loosing weight, you can end up really bringing your mood down and simply not having energy you need to get through the day.