How Can Caregiving Affect My Health?

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Caregiving can affect your health in so many ways, especially if you do too much of it and don't take care of yourself. So many times caregivers don't take the time to take care of them. They don't get enough sleep or they don't get a healthy diet or they often don't even do the basic things they need to do like for example like go to the doctor or take their own medications because they are so focused on other people and all of those things can obviously negatively affect your health.

But keep in mind too care giving is also it's own form of stress and we know that stress can really have negative effects on health, on our immune system, on our cardiovascular system and so, in many ways to many mechanisms caregiving can really affect our health, and keep in mind too part of health is our mental health, and when we're under that much pressure and concerned that we're not measuring up or not doing enough or in fact are doing too much it's easy to feel depressed, anxious, worthless or guilty, and all of those can combine to really again, not be able to see through your usual responsibilities.

So caregiving has numerous impacts on both physical and mental health.