How Does Shrink Wrap Liposuction Differ From Traditional Liposuction?

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Well shrink wrap liposuction is totally different than traditional liposuction. First of all to customized approach, where it is individualized for every patient meaning that it's not a cookie cutter concept, no two patients receive the same treatment modality thus it's specific for that patient.

After we've addressed the concerning areas of the patient and the type of FDA patented technology that we're going to use for that patient's skin quality and the fat removal, what we do is by minuscule incisions no greater than a tic tac or an M&M size at strategic locations placed for more concealment for the patient such as inside the belly button or below the underwear line, we're able to melt the fat with certain wavelengths that are specific for fat cells.

By doing that the felted fat is melted, and completely destroyed or removed from the patient's body at that point. Now the second component is stimulating collagen fibers underneath the skin. Different laser wavelengths will address that component, you can't expect the same wavelength that liquefied or melted the fat to stimulate collagen production or stimulate collagen contraction to tighten the skin.

Finally the third phase is removal of the fat which at this point it's pretty much effortless because the fat is liquefied. With traditional liposuction, it does not take into consideration the liquefying of the fat or the skin tightening. It basically removes fat and clamps or chunks as most patients would say, traumatizing the tissue causing more bleeding, disrupting the blood vessels, damaging nerves and basically creating a longer recovery.

With this technique we can remove larger volumes of fat safely and then provide a quicker recovery for the patient to attain the result that they are willing inside to get on the go.