What Are Some Healthy Alternatives for Sweets During the Holidays?

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I get a lot of questions about holiday bark, so I decided to conduct some food autopsies. Food autopsy is my look inside to foods that look seemingly healthy or they might look a little innocent, so let's see what I found on my food autopsy alert when it comes to bark. Wrong kinds of chocolate, they're all milk, white chocolate vita anti-oxidants, some of them for just a few pieces had nearly 1000 grams of Sodium, a little bit of the caramel, the salt that they're putting and there's GI found, hydrogenated fats, none of them are made locally.

It goes on and on and on. So these little pieces of pack that we 're having, we can definitely upgrade, let's do better. So you can take a dark chocolate, you want to make sure it's 72% dark none-alkaline process that keeps all those anti-oxidants in. then my secret magic formula is after I melt the chocolate is to add some dried orange peel.

It's basically what I call cancer fighting trash, these are things that we throw away that are so incredibly good for us. Sprinkle that in, add some pistachios known as the skinny nut, you get a lot of pistachios for a little bit of calories and then just mix it up, put in a freezer on aluminium foil pan and it's going to harden, break it up into pieces and enjoy.

Pure antioxidants, 70 calories a piece and you got wholesome goodness happy holiday.