Rachael Ray Rescue, Part 2

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Lora let's start with you. Yes, Dr. Oz, I'm horrible with vegetables. My vegetables are so mushy. My spinach is like soup and then my broccoli is like mulch. Ohh, it does. look like Mulch. Yes it is a good[sp?]? I can use it in the garden not at the holiday table. So Rachel I want folks, I know you need to eat your vegetables especially at the holiday times.

So what can we do to help out with this? The general rules about vegetables when it comes to any sort of vegetables from kale, from your leafy greens to broccoli, cauliflower, asparagus, green beans, root vegetables, roasting them is the easiest more sure fire way to get the great flavor and to keep a texture.

That's the most sure fire way to not overcook vegetables. When you do overcook your vegetables with some basics that you have on hand in the house, you can turn them into something else that people will like. So I've got an idea here. And it will look like you were supposed to do. That is the key.

Okay. You make a little with the per pet, so Rachel talked to me about soups earlier, so we got couple of, can I say come up soups? This is going too high, we are talking and we are not paying attention to our [xx]. The first rule of hosting a show. So your soup are happen to love, because people who start a meal with soup eat less folks, and I recommend you get twice as many many vegetables than any other structures anyway.

Right. So you got to serve with those veggies if you mess up so. This is the perfect fix. If you have overcooked asparagus, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, you put it in the food processor, season it with a little bit of sea salt, a little bit of pepper. I like that little toss. Thank you, for luck and then especially this time of year you can't be too, yeah.

Yeah, but you said be careful. Then you take what you should always have in your pantry and I mean always. Chicken stock or vegetable stock, I have stock in a box for days. I mean I got stacked to the ceiling. Take a little bit of stock and warm it. Add just enough to puree your vegetable, whatever the overcooked vegetable is.

Then you know how to make macaroni and cheese? Yes. Okay. You thicken up a little bit of milk, and I put in super sharp cheddar cheese. So you don't have to use a ton of cheese. I don't believe in the low fat or no fat because when they take the fat out of cheese, they're putting in sugars and fillers, do you agree? Yes.

Make it real. We eat real food. If you read it, the super sharp cheese and you make most of this soup to vegetable, and you add in just enough of the cheese sauce to turn it into soup. So it's mostly vegetable with a little bit of cheesy goodness. Will you take this over there. I am going to, now you have to taste it first for us.

Okay. So are you ready to do this? Yes I am. Yes the soup is through. Yeah try your soup. What you think? My problem is if I can look for raid. Yes, this compares the [XX] , it just great, that's just cheering in the broccoli. Isn't that yummy? That's scary. Yeah, it's good in it. Very good for you.

Before I leave with Meredith, talk to me about your cooking disaster. I know, I know. This is the most gruesome thing I've ever seen. What are they? They are supposed to be potato latkes. Can you imagine? I know my father, did you hear what she said she though that was. She is supposed to eat potato latkes.

I don't even know what that is, It is not a potato latkes. [xx] I need help. A llatkes, you know is that traditional potato pancake, served [xx]. I'm talking a lot. I cant get a word out. People have it at Christmas all the time, so come over here show me how to save someone from this catastrophe.