Rachael Ray Rescue, Part 1

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Everybody welcome to the show. Thank you everybody, all right. Welcome to the program, this is the most stressful time of the year, isn't it? A lot of stress that are alive at the time of the year and the most stressful job is cooking dinner for your entire extended family, it's enough to send your blood pressure through the roof.

And this is one case, where as a doctor, there's nothing that I can do but I know someone who can, the queen of fuss free cooking is here, to solve your biggest holiday cooking disasters and she's even going to make them healthier in the process. Because you know what? Rachael Ray is here.

She is the master simple stress-free cooking. It is the holiday so we want to make it a little festive. She's has written 18 cookbooks, posted numerous food and travel shows, runs her own magazine and inspires millions of busy women and foodies everyday on her Emmy Award winning talk show.

I'm making a snappy schnitzel so it's no wonder we enlisted Rachael to help take the guess work and anxiety out of cooking for the holidays.The Charlie Brown cookie.Its Rachael to the rescue, she's going to fix the cooking disasters that can ruin your meal. No holiday party is complete without a roast, unless it's a dried charred mess like this.

I am so horrible, at making gravy. I have to use that. I've been trying to make the potato latkes for years, and instead of being crispy, they turn into a grouse, soggy mess. My vegetables are so mushy. Rachael please help me with my vegetables disaster. Rachael please help me. Please help me.

Please help save my holiday. Today find out Rachael's simple secrets that make it a holiday meal your family will never forget. She's the host of The Rachael Ray Show, and my friend Rachael Ray. Come on out Rachael. Handsome, how are you? How are you? I just met the latke lady, oh my god.

Come on over. All right. I'm so happy to have you here. I don't think I've ever got a standing Oh in my life, that was exciting. You deserve them all. That was so thrilling, thank you, happy holidays. Same to you. I get asked all the time about stress in the holidays, and I've been talking about it in different ways but I've got to say this makes me intimidated, so thank you for coming on.

Talk to me a little bit about cooking and stress. Why is it such a problem this time a year. People set themselves up for failure rather than success. They try and make the cover of a food magazine, or something that they know was a family favorite from back in the day, you should only make what you know, you should make food that you know you make well.

And you should stop trying to make the idyllic. Stop trying to make what you've seen in a movie, or seen on the cover of a card. It's not about that, you should make what you know, and there's no law that says you have to have a goose, or a ham, or a turkey, if everybody loves lasagna make five lasagnas.

Make what makes your family happy, and make it ahead of time so that the day that you're trying to enjoy with your family, is not spent with you nervous in the kitchen dropping things and hands all trembling. That's not fun. That's not a holiday. Let me get personal with you because I'm curious how you will deal with it.

Yeah.So, talk to me about your biggest disaster because I've had catastrophes whenever I walk in the kitchen. I stayed away from baking for 35 years, because when I was 12, I tried to make my mother a lemon cottage cake, from I think it was The Good Housekeeping Cookbook, It was my mother's favorite from her youth, and I tried to make this cake and I worked on it for hours and hours and it was a total disaster, and I cried so hard my eyes were almost swollen.

You're tearing up now. She is tearing up now. Yeah it was horrible, it was terrible, I hated it, and I didn't think again until Mother's Day when I was 42 or something, like 30 years later, I made her some eclairs, and they came out great but it kept me away from baking forever. All right, here 's a deal, a lot of you are scared and intimidated and sometimes there are things like baking that's sort of outside your comfort zone so what we did, we scoured the country asking for our viewers to send in ideas about their worst holiday cooking disasters and seated right over there are three brave women who came forward.

I met them back stage, hello ladies. You're just a few who represent hundreds of women who wrote to us about stories. The very same kinds of problems we're focused on today, so we're going to go through these, these will be very valuable to all of you at home who have any intention to do any cooking or with the holiday.

Simple, simple fix this.