What Are the Most Important Nutrients to Get During Pregnancy?

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Having worked with a lot of pregnant women, there are a lot of important vitamins, besides the prenatal, that are essential during pregnancy. So, of course first and foremost is a good high-quality multi-prenatal that has a high dose of folic acid to prevent neural 2 defects. The other thing that most women don't know that they should be taking is an additional Calcium.

Calcium is extremely important because you remember you are building another human being so you are building bone. So as your body's need for Calcium goes up and the baby's need goes up you do want to replenish that. Another important component that people do need to take during pregnancy are essential fatty acids, also known as your omega oils.

A lot of research has come out also showing the importance of that for your baby's brain, your baby's intelligence. So making sure that you're starting now to help your baby overall it's essential to take those omega oils, and the last thing that's also meant to all my pregnant mothers is an additional vitamin D.

Some studies many years ago show that you don't want to be taking too much vitamin D so in most prenatal vitamins is you'd only usually about 200-400 IUs, where the new studies that have come out as of recently show that a woman should be taking at minimum a 2000 IU dose of vitamin D and the reason why for this is that it actually can prevent pre-term labor, it can actually prevent post-partum depression.

So really important things to help the overall quality of a pregnancy is essential when you're taking some more vitamin D, and again very safe at a 2000 IU, and in a non-toxic dose. So definitely I recommend you talking to your OB and taking all those additional supplements besides your prenatal will ensure a great pregnancy.