How Should I Prepare and Eat Wheat Germ?

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Alright now, let's talk about lunch, what are you making here? Well, actually really quick for lunch is just a quick simple salad dressing. So again, you won't even know it's there so again if you want to sneak it in, we are going to throw in all the ingredients to make a quick salad dressing.

That [xx] put it to work. Okay. [xx] girl for it. For all these ingredients into our little mixer here, so it's terragon we have the two table spoon of wheat germ, apple cider vinegar which they love as a choice of vinegar, that's what Dr. Oz has over there, and then we're going to add some mustard for taste.

Oh, that's mustard? Yeah. The whole thing? The whole thing. I thought it was peanut butter. No, you can get the spoon and scoop it in there and then. [xx] What is this? Honey. Actually it's a little of honey to get a little bit of touch of sweetness so you could add a little bit there and there you go and then here we go and you shake it up.

Like make a mix string. Right, like we're making a martini. Now I step back here. No, you [xx] That's great, and then it's already done on the salad, so why don't you give it a try. Okay, sure. You know what we are going to do, I'm going to get, this is a big lettuce you know so. And the great thing about putting this as we are trying to loose weight, we do actually, our body actually let's go a lot of the cholesterol that we are carrying and the great thing is that the wheat germ, the fibre and it will bind to that cholesterol and help you get out of the body.

So it's really quite wonderful and then again. Very good. High amount of vitamin E. You know I loved you taking more than one bite, I was worried when the guest just takes one bite and try to puts the plate down, [xx] two plates. You mean it's a good thing. Thank you very much. Now. You're welcome.

I've got a snack that get you going to the right direction. Do you snack a lot? Yes. What is you favourite snacks? Chocolate. Chocolate? Chocolate and I do like popcorn. Okay. Popcorn? Popcorn a lot, but I tend to over indulge. Well, you know what? Part of the problem with snacking is just that, so you might as well snack in things that you can afford to over indulge in a little bit.

In our family when we're going to hang out for an evening, we make popcorn and we put [xx] things on it, brewers use, but this is particularly wheat germ is particularly effective on it. Talk to us a little bit more about how we would do this? Yeah so again, you make your popcorn, you can make it fresh, and then all you simply need to do is just sprinkle it on and then mix it, and the great thing about the snack it's only 50 calories with one serving of wheat germ, so it's really minimal, so it's a quick easy nutritious snack, that's low calorie.

You can put a little bit of oil in there, time it about just to get to stick well. Right, right, that's what I was going to ask. Would you do that? Yes, I definitely would. Good. Now finally, it's dinner time. We have this is the guest[sp?] [xx], this is the top. So talk to us about what we are going to make it [xx].

Well, actually what I like to do is I love using wheat germ as the topping[sp?] and so quick easy thing to do is that you can dress your fish however you like, I put on here salt pepper and and some mustard and then all you want to do is that you flip it over in the wheat germ and it's really quick and easy at the topping and then the great thing about this when you just quickly seal it in the pan and its delicious and when you cooking this, it actually gives the wheat germ a nutty taste, so which will be a nice texture for you.

I even thing it's better than a bread crumbs. Absolutely. Absolutely, yes. So go ahead and put that for me. Sure. Now that's the peak of the thing, I'm kidding [xx], I'm testing you. [xx] Oh, my goodness. So here's one that's pretty done. I [xx] like this taste. Okay [xx]. We are talking about today is a very inexpensive, easy to add program, that's why we use it in our home because it is easy to do.

Fundamental[sp?] that's what prevention is about. Is it easily doable? [xx] talking about [xx]. Thank you very much for doing this all. [xx] appreciate it. Thank you very much. Goodbye to all these recipes [xx].I'm sharing my odds of [xx] solution for [xx], including the one that I use everyday.

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