What Supplements May Help Men Protect or Improve Their Sexual Function?

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There are a number of supplements that are very helpful for men to protect or improve their sexual function. There is three that come to mind for me that that I will think about first one is panic tensing which is an [xx] one is arginine, sometimes they call it L argining, and then one is hioebin[sp?] Arginine is being used for thousand of years started obviously in early China thousands of years ago used for sexual functions and then for aging and general it's also good for bouncing blood sugar which may help the cardiovascular system which could be the reason why it also helps with potency and then, the second one is L-arginine which has been shown to increase something called the nitric oxide which is wonderful to have vasodilate the blood muscles which is good for potency it's also good for lowering blood pressure and it's shown to be pretty safe so and then the third one is cordiohenbi which is a herb and then the substance [xx] that one I would say that is something that people should work with their physician or some herbalist who knows about herbs because that sometimes can also have side effects as well but it's also very effective for helping increase potency and protecting sexual drive.