What Is a Natural Remedy for Wrinkles?

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Well, there's actually a few natural remedies for wrinkle. The first thing is taking really good care of your body. In fact a lot of people say the the reason women quit smoking, is when they find out that it causes a lot more wrinkles. So things like not smoking, things like drinking plenty of water, eating a really whole food healthy diet, that's key because the inside of your body shows up on your skin.

So that's one aspect of it. The second thing is that there are some natural supplements that are wonderful for wrinkles. I like to think about GTF chromium, that stands for Glucose Tolerance Factor, and the reason why it's called that is cuz that its molecular body that has chromium in it, that's really wonderful to balance your blood sugar, and the reason why that's important is because when your blood sugar spikes and gets very high, it can cause damage to vessels, it can cause damage to the skin and increase wrinkling.

There is a process called advanced glycation and what happens is those sugars beat up your tissues, beat up your skin and can increase aging. So chromium is a wonderful way to balance that by keeping your blood sugar a lot more stable.