What Are Natural Treatments for Depression?

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Well, there are a number of natural treatment for depression. Depression isn't really one condition that's caused by one issue, it's really a condition that's caused by a whole lot of issues. So I find when I'm working with depressive illness and people have depression, it's really important to look very holistic at each person, so it's very important to look at sleep a lot of times when people don't get enough sleep the mood goes south right away and people need to get hydration when you don't have a lot of water it's hard for the brain to get in enough water it's hard for the brain to get in enough triptofan to make ceratonian so water is very important, a healthy diet is very important it's been shown that people who get high amounts of essentials fatty acids and fishing intake have much lower rates of depressions than people who don't, for example and then of course it stand to reason that all the other nutrients that you get things like green vegetable are very important because they help your body make all the nutrients, minerals and things that its need to do to make you feel balanced and basically happy, the Mediterranean diet actually there wonderful Spanish study that shows that people who eat plenty of olive oil and have fish and very, very whole grains and not too much meat and alot of vegetables and beans and legumes and nuts and things have a much lower rate of depression and anxiety over people who don't and then exercise has been shown to work as well as the leading antidepressant for depression and exercise actually worked even longer when you stopped it than the drugs themselves.

And it's interesting because the drugs actually in the study that came out in the journal of American medical association 2010 stated that actually the drugs don't work any better than in treating depression in all types of depression except the most severe, so really most of the people that we're giving the medications to it's probably not working any better than the placebos anyway and those should only be reserved for the most severe cases.

So, having said that there are a lot of natural remedies that I think if you do them with the lifestyle and diet changes that work quite, quite well. St. John's word I think is very effective, it's the most studied art[sp?] of all time and it works for both anxiety and depression, 5-HTP which is 5-Hydroxytryptophan, which is a special type of tryptophan that gets into the brain increases seratonin, there's magnesium which helps the conversion into amino acids that help the brain make the things it needs to feel balanced which is very good in all the anti-oxidants which are important.

Folic acid is very important, infact folic acid has just been shown to be helpful when people when the drugs don't work and then they start taking folic acid, then it starts working cause the people are typically very folic acid deficient. I find acupuncture to be fantastic. A massage therapy is very useful for mood too.

So there's many, many choices and I think which ones you use are going to depend on really what the depression is coming from for each individual person, but there's alot of great treatments for depression in natural medicine.