What Are Natural Treatments for Cold and Flu?

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There are a lot of wonderful natural treatments for Cold and Flu. The first thing, I don't recommend for people is to run and take an antibiotic for Cold Flu. Most of the time, viruses are actually the reason why people get Colds and Flu. So, antibiotic actually don't work for viruses, they do work for some bacteria, so people have dangerous bacteria and a very very high fever, and of course an antibiotic can be indicated.

As far as natural treatments, there are many many wonderful ones. The first one I recommend is that people drink a lot of hot tea to help kind of clear things out, especially the nasal passages. I absolutely recommend nasal rinses not just the sprays, but the actual rinse that irrigates the whole nasal passage area, very, very helpful if people have sore throats.

Gurgles are very helpful to do after hazel rinse, they can put a little goldenseal in there. Sometimes I have people chop up some garlic and boil it up, and put it in the say win solution and you gaggle rinse, it's fantastic to get rid of sour throats, getting plenty of sleep is very, very important.

In fact, there are studies that show that people who get seven or less hours or sleep are 300% more likely to catch the rhino virus so which is the coming cold virus. So, sleep is especially important keeping down any intake of sugar is very important, or even fruit juices. I know a lot of people drink vitamin C, when they have a cold, not a good idea, there's way too much sugar in it, and even the citrus fruits and banana can create a lot of mucus, and and also dairy products and cows products can also create a lot of mucus.

So, staying away from mucus producing food is important, and then other things like vitamin C and zinc, certain herbs. Sometimes in early colds echinacea[sp?] can be very good. There's a Chinese herb, pan herb, called Yin Chao which is wonderful when you're kind of clearing colds in its early stages.

And then sometimes with bacterial colds. There are certain herbs that have a component called berberines in it, something like Oregon grape and goldenseal have a lot of berberines which are also good to help clear out any bacteria as well. So, there is whole lot of treatments. I also recommend acupuncture especially if people are stuffed up and not feeling well.

I think acupuncture can help clear clod faster too.