Can Natural Medicines Be Safely Used with Cancer Therapy?

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Now a lot of patients ask me if natural medicines can be used for cancer therapy, and the answer is an absolute yes. I think you need to be careful of course, you need to talk to your oncologist about any natural therapies you use, but in my practice I work with a lot of people using acupuncture and starting a new trend on things that support the body and support the immune system while going through cancer treatment.

And what I found is that patients absolutely can feel good, do well, exercise, and go through the rest of their lives attending to the things that they really want to take care of which is their family, and their job, and responsibility, and not have to feel the side effects of chemotherapy is much as people who don't use the natural treatments.

I think people do have to be careful. I think certain vitamins are contra indicated and certain herbs aren't contraindicated with certain chemotherapeutics, so you have to know which ones to use and which ones not to use, but when you use the appropriate support, I think you can keep your body very, very healthy and actually and the research shows too, that you can actually get the chemotherapy to work much better than if you weren't using them.

So I think using both is definitely a big help, as long as it's done properly.