Can Environmental Toxins Affect Diabetes Risk?

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Environmental toxins can absolutely affect diabetes risk. They did a study in 2006 in the Journal of Diabetes Care, which is a pretty major diabetes journal, and what they studied was they looked at people who were obese and they checked their urine to see how much pesticides and herbicides and toxins like that were in their urine.

And they found that the people who had higher amounts of these toxins versus people who didn't went on to have a lot more diabetes, and what they had shown is that the people who really didn't have these toxins in their body had almost no risk of diabetes. Which is absolutely shocking because what it's kind of telling us is that if we stay away from the toxins that can pollute our system, things like pesticides from fruits and vegetables, and possibly the plastic containers that we use that we put a lot of food and water in, that we can probably lower rates of diabetes significantly.