Are There Natural Remedies for Depression?

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There are many natural remedies for depression. Actually, a study in the journal of the American medical association in 2010 actually showed that a regular anti depressing drugs don't work any better than placebo in most cases of depression except for the most severe. So there is a lot of research that shows that natural remedies are fantastic for depression and working most cases better than the medication.

So as a Naturopathic physician, I really like to stress, making sure people are sleeping, making sure they have good diet, making sure their spirit is good and their relationships are good and they are doing things they love to do or at least working on them and then working with specific orbs at the same time, whether it's St.

Johns or Richard Santastic, it can be used whether the spice crocus, which is saffron. It's very good lavender, can be useful for depression. There is a whole bunch of them. It depends on the type of depression a person has. But when used properly, they can work fantastically well.