Are There Alternative Treatments for Prostate Diseases?

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For prostate diseases, there are number of alternative treatments. When I think about prostate disease, I think about benign prostatic hyperplasia and a large prostate and I also think about prostate cancer. For a large prostate, one of the things, I think, that's very important for men is to make sure they exercise and stretch the pelvic area. A lot of us men we sit all day and there's a lot of pressure there and we're not really moving the fluids and thing there, and that can contribute significantly to that issue. In fact, oftentimes we use a lot of hydrotherapy in naturopathic medicine, we use hot and cold baths that are also really wonderful for bringing the blood in and out of the area. And then there are certain nutrients and supplements, things like saw palmetto could be very helpful, beta-Sitosterol could be very helpful, and something else called lycopene, so which are chemicals from red fruits and vegetables.

Then prostate cancer which, of course, is something that should be also looked at by an oncologist and followed properly. There are certain natural remedies, especially during that watching and waiting period, on the lycopenes again, so you get those from things like grape fruits, and tomatoes, and then there are also other herbs that often help with inflammation, things like turmeric which lowers inflammation which can be part of why the prostate cancer can increase in severity as well.

So there are a number of choices with prostate disease in natural medicines.