Are There Alternative Treatments for Chronic Constipation?

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There are a number of alternative treatments for Chronic Constipation. Let's define constipation for a second, when I think about constipation, I think about really people who aren't having a bowel movement every day. In the medical textbook they talk about three or less a week, but I think people should be really be going at least once a day.

So as an naprapathic doctor, I tell my patients that if you're not moving your bowels once a day then that's the first thing we have to do before we can work on any other issue that's going on in the body. Because when the intestines aren't moving, what happens is the body recirculates a lot of toxins that the liver is trying to get rid off through your poop.

And I know poop isn't a medical term, but I think it's a good term for what we're talking about, and if people aren't pooping everyday you can't get rid of toxins out of your body. And so it's very hard to help other diseases. So how can you work on chronic constipation? The first thing is making sure a person is drinking plenty of water.

Because the colon will steal water from the poop if you're not drinking enough. The second thing is to work on stress sometimes when people are very stressed it's hard to have a bowel movement because stress basically shuts down your bowels, so it doesn't move as quickly and you'll tend to get more constipation, and then the third thing is working on the diet of course making sure people are getting a lot of fiber and so flux meals, wonderful prunes are great, again making sure plenty of water, find your green vegetables, apples have a lot of peptin fiber which is great for moving the bowels too.

So there's a lot of wonderful choices, and then if the foods don't work, you can start thinking about certain supplements magnesium is great for moving the bowels and then there are certain herbs that are actually a bit things like Taskara and fennel that can be used in short term, although I don't like using those unless the other things just really aren't working and you want to move to something a little bit stronger a lot of wonderful alternatives treatments for constipation.