What's the Difference Between Refined Carbohydrates and Slow Sugars?

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So sugars are carbohydrates and basically all carbohydrates break down at different speeds in the body, usually is a function of how complex they are. So if you consider the difference between a glass of orange juice, and an orange, it's everything, so the orange juice, it immediately get's into your blood stream, it immediately spikes your insulin level, it immediately causes that cascade of hunger and thinks like that, whereas the orange it comes with water, it comes with fiber, it's going to be more complex and therefore more evenly distributed.

Same things goes with for example vegetables. You know vegetables are carbohydrates, but of course they're very high in fiber and the speed to which they enter your body is much less then say a piece of bread made from refined flour, where the moment it hits your digestive system it kicks off this cascde of high glucose, high insulin the [xx] glucose hunger pangs and all this other things.