Why Is Low Back Pain so Common?

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Well, we have 33 vertebrae and 31 pairs of spinal nerves coming off, left and right and any of the movements that we do which are so common called BLTS, bending, lifting, twisting and slouching, can throw off our muscles or vertebrae and create pain. Now, when people get a spasm on their back, they usually tend to bend forward and brace themselves, and it's kind of intuitive, but what you want to really start to do is, start to restore the normal curvature of your low back by getting on your belly, putting a pillow under your stomach if you're locked up, or even two pillows and then graduating to one pillow and then to just being prone on your elbows and then go into what's called the press up.

And I've put all of this in a program in my DVD on how to cure your own back whether it's in the first 72 hours, or you've had pain for a couple of weeks or you're somebody who suffers with chronic pain.