What Sex Positions Are Best for Women Who Have Back Pain?

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Women with lower back pain, again it has to be whether their bias is more they get relief with flexion or with extension. Of course they evaluate by a physical therapist so that you can get that looked at but in the interim like you need to explore and try new positions, and one position is great that's just neutral for your back again, a small pillow behind your low back, a man lying on his side with the woman on her back with her knees draped over, both her knees draped over his hips, that's a great like very neutral position for her.

The other position is sometimes is actually therapeutic because it's often if you have sporadic pain or pain that's radiating down the leg, more of extended position like getting on your elbows, again I would start with a pillow under your belly because that take some of that pressure off of the curvature of your back, and if you're propped on your elbows you're a little bit an extended position in the low back. Again you have to explore these positions and see what feels best getting into but it's a great way to have a conversation with your trusted partner and be able to make that intimate connection and not be sitting there in pain adoring it because that doesn't just affect the woman it also affects your partner, he is also suffering because you are having back pain.